The elerra Jumper Zero is an example of a 100% electrically driven platform. It is ideal for craft businesses, for example, who not only want to pay attention to their ecological footprint, but also want to enjoy the many advantages of electric mobility.

In this offer the installation of a powerful 110 kW motor is planned, which will meet all transport requirements and thus allow a possible payload of up to 1.5t. Despite this high performance, the Jumper Zero is not only designed for city operation. With a range of up to 240 km, it is easy to reach distant destinations and, thanks to optional DC charges, even a further 100 km range in just 30 minutes charging time. 

Example configuration:

Engine power: approx. 110 kW

Payload: up to 1.5 t

Range: up to 240 km

Battery capacity: 42 or 84 kWh

Another important point, of course, is the issue of loading. In the example presented here, a 22 kWh AC charger is planned, in addition to which a DC Fast Charge device can be installed. This allows the AC charger to charge 100 km range in approx. 1.5h, while the DC charger can reach this range in only 30 minutes.

The dimensions of the loading area are 4198 mm loading length, 2034 mm platform width and 400 mm height.

A new vehicle according to the offer presented here can be purchased from us at a price of 79,950 EUR plus 19% VAT.

The pictures shown here are examples and some of them show optional extras that are subject to a charge.

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