E-Bus | For sustainable locomotion in public transport!

Two components characterize the local public transport network: rail and bus. With almost 11 billion passengers transported annually in Germany, this market offers huge potential for saving emissions.

Public transport buses are generally divided into two categories, urban and intercity vehicles. These differ in terms of seating capacity, with the aim of achieving the widest possible area coverage in their function. Thanks to our diverse range and that of our partners in terms of vehicle size and seating capacity, we are able to provide eligible vehicles for any public transport concept.

Some of the bus models most frequently used in urban public transport are the Lion’s City A versions from MAN. For the A20, A21, A23 (and in the future also A39) variants, our partner company toZero offers you various electric conversions and already finished e-buses. The drive conversion does not change the operability of the vehicles. Seating and standing capacities remain unchanged, as does operational readiness. The conversion can significantly reduce operating costs, and the choice of a sustainable drive technology also has a positive impact on the image of the transport company.

When configuring your electric bus, the focus is on the overall concept. Through comprehensive consultation, we determine the configuration suitable for your requirements, for example, ranges of up to 200 km are possible without intermediate charging and fast refueling through 150 kW columns. In addition, we are happy to help you with the conceptual design and installation of other technical components such as charging columns, photovoltaic systems and storage units. We offer you the opportunity to make your use as cost-efficient as possible. A great help in this regard is also the subsidy of up to 80% for conversions.

You are welcome to visit the website of our partner company toZero for more information. You can reach their website HERE. If you are interested in a vehicle or also conversion, please feel free to contact us via our contact form or by e-mail. We will take our time and clarify all questions regarding vehicle selection, component selection, possible subsidy programs, insurance and your very personal overall concept.