Mid-Size Public Transport

Buses play a central role in local public transport and are an essential part of daily transportation. Low-floor buses are used most frequently. However, the use of these vehicles is uneconomical, especially in rural areas. Instead, a class of smaller buses with capacities for under 30 passengers has established itself here in recent years. With the VDL MidCity we offer you an electric alternative for this vehicle segment and thus CO2-free transport for your passengers.

This type of public transport van can particularly benefit from electrification and is especially suitable due to its common medium distance routes. Switching to a 100% electric drive system reduces emissions and (travel) costs. Overall, the drive system enables smoother movement in road traffic, which offers advantages both in terms of road safety and in terms of the driving or ride experience for passengers. Of course, these conversions will also be eligible for state funding of up to 80% from summer 2021.

The drive system of the VDL MidCity elerra ZE consists of a powerful PMS motor with an output of 100 kW (180 kW maximum), which can deliver a maximum starting torque of up to 7000 Nm. The built-in 86 kWh LiFePo battery allows ranges of up to 200 km and can be recharged to 90% in about 3.5 hours using a 22 kW AC charger or in about 1 hour using an 85 kW DC fast charger. All other necessary systems, such as BMS for battery control and prevention of deep cell discharge are of course also provided. Thanks to bioethanol heating, a comfortable warmth can be achieved even without reducing the range, while the engine, battery and chargers are all liquid cooled. The total passenger capacity of these vehicles is 19 passengers.

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