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The public transport bus network, in combination with the S-Bahn, forms the backbone of today’s local public transport system. However, buses are not only used in local transport, but also play the main role in long-distance transport. In 2019, a total of just under 160 billion passenger kilometers were covered by buses in Germany. A figure that has steadily increased at a constant rate compared to previous years. And given the growing population as well as the trend that public transport services are now being used more and more as more environmentally friendly alternatives, this trend is expected to continue rising.

Combining electromobility with bus transport forms an enormous potential. Lower downtimes, higher efficiencies, a smoother driving experience for passengers, strong savings in emissions as well as overall lower (travel) costs are strong arguments for switching to electric buses, both for operators and passengers.

Some of the most frequently used bus models in urban public transport are part of the A-series Lion’s City from the manufacturer MAN. For the MAN A20, A21, A23 and A39 models, we can now offer you ready-made e-bus models as well as e-bus conversions. This electrification has no effect on the seats and standing room provided from the factory.

The electrified MAN models achieve ranges of up to 200 km without intermediate charging, but ranges of over 300 km with intermediate charging. Drive is provided by two wheel hub motors on the rear axle, which can deliver a combined maximum output of 400 kW and a nominal output of 240 kW. In interaction with the permissible total weight of 18,000 kg, the two motors achieve a torque of up to 17,500 Nm. The batteries provided (NMC) have a total capacity of 210 kWh and can be charged normally via a 22 kW AC charging module with Type2 plug, as well as topped up by means of a 150 kW DC fast charger. This offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of supply.

Thanks to the 80% subsidy for conversion costs that will be available from summer 2021, bus operators can convert to 100% electric drive for as little as 70,000 euros. Alternatively, there are also lucrative leasing offers for a term of 48 or 60 months. Due to the subsidy that can be used as a special leasing payment, full-service leasing contracts of less than 2,000 EUR/month are possible here. From summer 2021, we will also be able to convert 18 m articulated buses with ranges of up to 300 km. Further Mercedes models will follow at the end of 2021.

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